Friday, January 25, 2008

Petrino's Second Weekend

After a great weekend solidifying the foundation of his first recruiting class at Arkansas, another critical weekend is upon the new ball coach. The Great Recruiting Wall of Arkansas built by Petrino is standing tall and appears to holding strong after last weekend. Now, he will focus much of his attention on out-of-state recruits as he hosts a handful this weekend. The visiting recruits will hail from 9 states.

It's unclear how many additional commitments will come from this weekend, but it looks like at least one will come from Anthody Oden, the younger brother of the first pick of last year's NBA Draft (Greg Oden). Current Commitments visiting this weekend include OL Austin Eoff, RB Dennis Johnson, and QB Tyler Wilson. All of these young men are Arkansans, and they will lead the charge in recruiting the uncommitted visitors this weekend.

Highlighting the list of out-of-state recruits visiting are:

OL/DL J'Marcus Webb, ATH Jeremy Sanders, ATH Tramain Thomas, FB Thomas Schuler, LB Jelani Smith, S P.J. Smith, WR/DB Khiry Cooper, RB/CB Kendrick Wilson, ATH Kye Staley, WR Aaron Boyd, DL Cameron Henderson, OL Anthony Oden, DL Steven Fowlkes, DL Alfred Davis, ATH Khiry Battle, S Elton Ford, and CB Kendal Wright.

It is still unknown how the Johnson departure will affect the recruits from the defensive side of the ball, but look for Petrino to have a solid DC on board very soon. Doing so is critical as signing day is 11 days away.

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