Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Coach Victorious in Opener, Barely!

The Razorbacks under new head coach Bobby Petrino came from behind to pull out a 28-24 suspenseful victory from the jaws of defeat against the Western Illinois Leathernecks. Any Razorback fan following the game was sweating throughout the game as Arkansas struggled to move the ball and the Leathernecks chewed the clock and put points on the board. In the end, though, Casey Dick showed his Senior instincts and led the team to victory in the 4th quarter. While Casey threw for over 300 yards, his ability on the ground earned him the nickname Casey "Vick" as he ran for two touchdowns of 23 and 5 yards respectively.

Other bright spots included Freshmen talents at WR and De'Anthony Curtis. Not so hot performances came from the defense that dropped multiple interception opportunities and failed to stop the run on many occasions. Disappointing performances came from the OL and DL as they were supposed to be the strongest part of the team.

Areas most in need of improvement? 1) Holding on to the ball. The hogs fumbled the opening kickoff return and dropped multiple passes. 2) Time of possession. The Razorbacks were dominated in this area. Mostly due to a lack of a running game. 3) Special Teams. While the Razorbacks were perfect on PATs, they performed poorly on Kickoffs and Returns.

Hot or Not? Whether the new jerseys and red pants were a hit is to be determined. A loss would have sealed the deal, but the win may leave the door open. I do think the midfield hog was well received though.

The Razorbacks will take on Louisiana Monroe next weekend at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock.

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