Sunday, December 7, 2008

BIG Recruiting Weekend

Arkansas hosted a handful of highly rated recruits this weekend, and the results of their visits are extremely positive. Visiting Fayetteville were Rivals 4 star Offensive Guard Zhamal Thomas (pictured), Rivals 4 star Offensive Tackle Danny Watkins, Rivals 3 star and current Razorback commitment Travis Swanson, Rivals 3 star WR Lance Ray, and Rivals 4 star Defensive Tackle Edwin Herbert.

None of these players hail from Arkansas, and they are all being recruited by top schools across the country.

On Sunday morning, Coach Petrino received a commitment from Zhamal Thomas. In 2006, Zhamal signed with LSU, but was dismissed for disciplinary reasons. He attended Navarro Junior College in Texas for two years, and he should be able to come right in and play for the Hogs. He'll have two years of eligibility as a Razorback.

It is unclear if Petrino will receive additional commitments this weekend, but all the visiting recruits are high on the hogs.

Zhamal Thomas
4 star Junior College (Texas)
Offensive Guard
6'4" 315 lbs

Danny Watkins
4 Star Junior College (California)
Offensive Tackle
6'5" 290 lbs

Travis Swanson
3 Star High School (Texas)
Offensive Tackle
6'5" 271 lbs

Edwin Hebert
4 Star Junior College (California)
Defensive Tackle
6'3" 295 lbs

Lance Ray
3 star High School (Florida)
Wide Receiver - skill
6'2" 183 lbs
4.34 40

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