Sunday, September 28, 2008


The Razorbacks were once again blown out by a top ten team. This week, much like last week, ended in a 52-10 blowout loss for the Razorbacks. The Texas Longhorns dominated the game in every aspect, and there were not many Razorback highlights to speak of. Texas QB Colt McCoy put up five touchdowns while the Razorback offense did not score a touchdown once. The lone touchdown came off a fumble recovery by Antwain Robinson late in the 4th quarter.

This has not been a very happy couple of weeks for hog fans, and the outlook does not look that bright as Florida comes to town next week. Coach Petrino obviously has his work cut out for him in trying to get the team going and building a solid recruiting class that brings in players that can compete against top ten teams. It's obvious that the talent is lacking this year. Hog fans, while feeling down right now, remain optimistic about the future under Coach Petrino. And while the forecast is grim for the remainder of the season, this is college football, and anything can happen week in and week out (see Ole Miss this week).

I don't think Coach Petrino reads my blog or cares what advice I might offer him, but here's my two cents:

-Start De'Anthony Curtis
-Give Casey Dick some medicine to relax his nerves
-Teach players to drive through their tackles
-Throw to DJ more

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