Friday, September 4, 2009

Razorblogger's Predictions

The 2009 Razorback football season kicks off tomorrow at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. Coach Petrino is entering his second season with a more complete team that is anticipated to be much improved on defense and explosive on offense. The players are bigger, stronger, faster, and more experienced with the Petrino system. Razorback fans are excited about the rebounding hogs and the opportunity that a new season brings.

With my own sense of excitement, I've decided to make a brief and very optimistic prediction of how I think the 2009 season might play out. So, here we go...

Sat, Sep 5 Missouri State Final Score: 55-17

Arkansas will have their way with Missouri State. The game will be over at halftime and Arkansas will put up some big numbers on offense and their defense will look very fast and create turnovers. Several Razorback players will get to play in this game and the stat sheet will be full.

Sat, Sep 19 (13) Georgia Final Score: 35-24

Arkansas will have a tough game against Georgia, but they will pull it out in the second half of the ball game thanks to the home crowd and the depth at running back. The hogs offense will bring a balanced attack keeping Georgia's defense on their heels and guessing. This win will be a great boost to the Razorbacks and a huge confidence builder.

Sat, Sep 26 at (5) Alabama Final Score: 24-20

Did we just do that? Yes we did. The Razorbacks will shock a highly ranked Alabama team on the road. The reason? Alabama's offense is not all that, and Arkansas's is. However, Alabama's defense proves their legitimacy. Petrino gets some serious recognition on ESPN as this game makes major headlines.

Sat, Oct 3 at Texas A&M Final Score: 42-28

Arkansas fans travel. Especially to the Big D. Jerry Jones smiles from ear to ear as the Razorbacks dominate their old SWC foe at his new playground.

Sat, Oct 10 Auburn Final Score: 38-21

Auburn will have a rough 2009 season trying to operate Gus Mahlzan's hurry-up, no-huddle offense with new Head Coach Gene Chizick. In October, Auburn fans are trying to figure out if it's possible to rehire Tubberville or save Houston Dale from Ole Miss.

Sat, Oct 17 at (1) Florida Final Score: 21-41

Florida proves too much for Arkansas. Arkansas competes well, but Florida's speed on offense just wears our defense out in the second half. The Razorback players show a little midseason fatigue.

Sat, Oct 24 at (8) Mississippi Final Score: 28-24

Arkansas and Ole Miss tussle in this building rivalry. Arkansas comes up on top due to a late push by the Razorback's offense playing a little of Houston Nutt's old running game.

Sat, Oct 31 Eastern Michigan Final Score: 59-21

Eastern Who? Tyler Wilson gives Mallett a needed breather and hogs coast.

Sat, Nov 7 South Carolina Final Score: 24-13

Arkansas defeats an undisciplined Gamecock team that has lost faith in the Ole Ball Coach.

Sat, Nov 14 Troy Final Score: 35-21

Troy proves tough, but not tough enough. Arkansas's offense wears Troy's defense down early in the game.

Sat, Nov 21 Mississippi State Final Score: 30-10

Arkansas will get revenge for the sloppy loss of last year. This win will come with solid play. The following Monday shows the hogs in the top 5 in the AP. Mississippi State has a terrible season in 2009.

Sat, Nov 28 at (11) LSU Final Score: 20-21

This game is needed to settle a tough battle in the SEC West. If Arkansas wins, they go to Atlanta. If they lose, Alabama goes. Unfortunately, the Razorbacks don't pull it out due to an inability to score on their last possession. Hog fans are disappointed, but pleased when looking back on the season. A big bowl is in their future, and next year brings more anticipation and optimism. Recruiting picks up quickly as 2009 comes to an end.

The Razorbacks will open the 2010 season ranked in the top 10 and deservedly so.


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