Wednesday, January 13, 2010

D.J. Williams is Coming Back for 2010

Today, All Star Tight End D.J. Williams announced his intent to return to the University of Arkansas for his Senior season. In announcing his decision, D.J. cited the potential of this Razorback football team going into the 2010 season with Ryan Mallett at the helm.

Below is D.J.'s quote from his announcement:

“Taking into consideration the rewarding total experience I have had in Fayetteville, I feel there is no reason to cut this short. There are a lot of teammates and people I’ve grown close to and the ability to spend another year with them pursuing our goals is a big reason I want to come back. With Ryan (Mallett) and most of the key guys from last season returning I think this team understands what we can accomplish next season. That is something I’m excited about and something that means a lot to all of us. It is something our fans, who are the best in the nation, deserve to be a part of. The coaches here and the atmosphere we practice and compete in have helped me develop into more of a complete player. I understand the value of gaining another year of experience and the value of working towards finishing my degree.”

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