Friday, January 8, 2010

Mallett is a Razorback for 2010 Season

After weighing his options between the NFL and returning for his junior season at Arkansas, Ryan Mallett has decided to come back for at least one year. While he undoubtedly would have been drafted, he may not have gone as high as he would with one more year of maturity and experience under his belt. With a solid, experienced team returning next year, the Razorbacks will likely be a very difficult team to deal with, especially on offense. In addition to the talent returning, the schedule is far more favorable to the 2009 schedule. Most of the tough games will be played in Fayetteville or Little Rock. With Mallett's return, the national media will likely look favorably on the hogs in the rankings and recognize Mallett as a heisman candidate early in the season. Also, look for Mallett to continue to put himself in the record books with his return.

In Mallett's own words: "I'm coming back and we're here to win Championships here at Arkansas"