Monday, November 10, 2008

Broderick Green Transferring to Arkansas?

Late Monday afternoon, rumors swirled about a potential transfer of RB, Broderick Green, from Southern Cal to Arkansas. Apparently, he has family issues that he feels requires him to be closer to home to deal with. Radio outlets were reporting this to be true (Drive Time Sports) this evening.

This is welcome news to Coach Petrino if he indeed will transfer to Arkansas. Especially if he is able to enroll early. Broderick was a 4 star running back coming out of high school at Pulaski Academy in Little Rock. Broderick fits the big RB mold (6'2" 235, 4.57) that Petrino desires in his system. He is a redshirt freshman at Southern Cal and he'll be a sophomore at Arkanasas.

Time and time again, Petrino has let it be known that he is in serious need for some big backs. He has received one big commit to date in Knile Davis, and he is still pursuing Ronnie Wingo. Wingo is slow-playing the hogs right now, but Petrino still wants him badly. Wingo and Davis both bring a little more speed than Green, and Green still could be used in other roles such as TE in the same fashion as DJ Williams - leaving plenty of room for Wingo in Petrino's offense. His strengths are his soft hands, power and vision.

Below is an updated note from Broderick to USC fans. It was posted on their Rivals fans site:

Because of unforeseen family health issues with my maternal grandmother who raised me and my mother, I have asked the University of Southern California to grant me a scholarship release at the end of this semester.

After the Washington State game, I advised Coach Carroll that I was considering transferring because of a family medical situation with my grandmother, who along with my mother, raised me. Although he regretted my decision, he understood, was totally supportive, and asked me to reconsider.

At that time, I told him that I would wait a few weeks before I made a final decision because I did not want to bring any unnecessary attention to the team, as we focus on completing the season and competing for the National title.

Over the last weeks, as I have tried to maintain the desire to be a part of the USC football family, a stronger desire to be closer to my grandmother in this time of need has emerged.

Coach Carroll and his staff have been exceptional people, instructors and friends. I have learned so much from him, and I want to express a sincere appreciation to the staff for supporting me and giving me this wonderful opportunity. I will truly miss the staff and especially Coach Pete Carroll and Coach Norton.

As I move forward, I will continue to support the team and this fine University for the opportunity they gave me. However, my desire to be closer to my last living grandparent outweighs any personal, selfish, athletic goals I might have as an individual. Family must always come first.

With sincerest thanks to the Trojan family,

Broderick Green

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