Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Can Hogs Make a Bowl?

Simple answer, yes. The Razorbacks are 4-6 right now and with wins in their final two games they will have 6 wins making them bowl eligible. The road to a bowl is a challenge, but the opportunity is there with a game on the road with Mississippi State this Saturday and a game in Little Rock at War Memorial Stadium with LSU the day after Thanksgiving.

Mississippi State has a decent defense but an anemic offense. They have a 3-7 record and average only 15 points per game. Arkansas needs to step up in this game and win decisively in order to have the confidence needed to compete and win against a top tier team like LSU. Who will start at QB? Petrino is apparently talking about Nathan Dick looking good and possibly getting some playing time against Mississippi State and even starting. We shall see. I personally don't care as long as the QB plays worth more than a high stinking pile of you know what.

If Arkansas wins decisively against Mississippi State, they might have enough confidence and desire to pull off a win against 7-3 and 18th ranked LSU in the stadium where the Razorbacks have been dominant over the last ten years. With these two wins, Arkansas would jump back into the bowl picture giving the younger hogs a chance for additional practices and game situations to prepare them for next year. It would be up to the bowl selection committee to select the hogs and often 6 wins does not translate to a selection.

While this season has been a long and painful rebuilding year, hog fans and the football players should realize the benefits of making it to a bowl game and bring their best for the next two games.

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