Sunday, November 9, 2008


Casey Dick and the Razorbacks were beat handily on Saturday. Dick threw three picks on his way to a 21-34 loss to the Gamecocks. To put it plainly, the Razorbacks stunk it up from the get go. I really did not see too many bright spots aside from the one 70+ yard touchdown pass to Jarius Wright. That was beautiful.

Other than that, the game did not provide much worth remembering. Michael Smith injured his shoulder and it is not clear if he'll be available next week when the hogs take on Mississippi State.

A few thoughts on the game:

-Casey Dick has no business starting in the SEC. What was Nutt thinking 2 years ago in Columbia, SC when he benched Mustain???
-Our receivers are going to be special - most notably Wright, Adams, Childs, and DJ Williams.
-We really need Linebackers and DBs - Isaac Madison got worked again.
-We need some good sized running backs that can take it to the house.
-Petrino is going to be a great coach once he has some players.
-We need to find a good red uni and white uni and stick with it - too many combinations right now.
-It might be time to find a new defensive coordinator - Willy Robinson does not get it done.

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