Wednesday, October 29, 2008

All Powerful Hurricane Coming to Arkansas

While the mascot of the Tulsa football team is lame, their team is formidable - at least on paper.

Tulsa is currently undefeated with 8 wins and ranked 18th in the nation. Their offense under the leadership of former Razorback Offensive Coordinator, Gus Malzahn, has operated in a hurry up, no huddle fashion throwing up ridiculous stats and points on their opponents (on pace to break a 1944 record of 56 points per game). However, that was up against non-BCS conference talent. Arkansas, which is in a rebuilding year, is a BCS conference team that could be one of the most vulnerable in the country.

The question is - can Arkansas, during this rebuilding year, beat a high-powered offense from a non-BSC conference? I think we can, but I will not bet on it.

Things to watch for in this game:

*Tulsa's defense - they will be outsized and outmatched, but how will they compete?

*Arkansas's pass defense - Tulsa throws often and Arkansas's DBs know how to give up yards. Will the hogs force turnovers or give up yards?

*Arkansas's crowd - Tulsa is not used to playing in large, loud SEC stadiums...Will the crowd affect Tulsa's performance?

*Points on the board - Tulsa scores alot. Arkansas, not so much. How will this game shape up?

*Arky Hurricanes - there are a number of Arkansans on Tulsa's depth chart. Their Arkansas playmakers include AJ Whitmore, Slick Shelley, and Charles Clay. How will they perform?

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