Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can the Hogs Beat Auburn?

Every Razorback fan is tired of losing and some are feeling optimistic about the road game with Auburn this weekend. The hogs are 0-2 in the SEC after going up against Alabama and Florida, but they have shown significant improvement and have grown up tremendously through the rigorous schedule.

Auburn has a hell of a defense, but their offense has sputtered at best putting up minimal yards and points throughout the season. They beat Mississippi State 3 to 2 and just lost last week to Vanderbilt (though Vandy is currently leading the SEC East). After their dismal offense through the first half of the season Auburn fired their offensive coordinator this week, which could further deflate their playmakers. Auburn's ex-coordinator introduced Auburn to a new spread offense that flat out did not produce, and it looks like they want to take a new direction. However, is mid season the right time to switch offenses and coordinators? We'll know a lot more after this weekend.

While the Tuberville (a.k.a. the river boat gambler) is calling the plays now, look for Auburn to move back to a more conservative offense with a simplified playbook that leans more on the run.

Watch out for:

A QB change that would place former Fort Smith high school QB Kodi Burns in charge of Auburn's offense. He brings a strong arm and speed, but his experience is lacking.

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