Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hogs Lose Another Nail-Biter

Arkansas lost another very close game on Saturday to Houston Nutt and the Ole Miss Rebels in front of 76,000 Razorback fans in Fayetteville. Hog fans were hoping for a big win over their old coach, but it looks like that will have to come next year. The final score was 23-21.

Houston left the cupboard bare for Coach Petrino, but Petrino is managing to do pretty well with the players he inherited and his first recruiting class. Once again, the hogs relied on underclassmen to carry much of the load in this game and it was clear that the hogs lack talent in several areas. Most notable in this particular game is the lack of a BIG running back, a shortage of talent at cornerback, and the need for a QB that can distribute the ball. These holes are on their way to being filled as Coach Petrino is actively seeking two top notch running backs in Knile Davis and Ronnie Wingo along with top flight cornerbacks in Darius "Dirty" Winston, David Gordon, and Gabe Lynn. Petrino has also been grooming future quarterback Ryan Mallet this season to take over next year. Mallet was a 5 star QB who transferred to Arkansas from Michigan.

How did the hogs lose the game against Ole Miss?

*Haddock's missed 34 yard kick on opening drive. Time for Tejada!
*Dick's pick at the end of the first half setting up a chip shot field goal.
*Failure of having a big back to pick up critical short yardage.
*Isaac Madison's poor defensive back play (toasted).
*The referees b.s. pass interference call on Arkansas's final drive. This call took us out of field goal range and ruined momentum.

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